Water Sports in Galle For An Exhilarating Experience

A man  underwater diving at Galle

Galle, a beautiful city on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, has turned into a mainstream tourist destination. It is famous for the heritage architectural religious sites, museums and forts that were built during the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British rule. The city of Galle is also known for its immaculate beaches that are dotted with palm trees and glistening white sand. These beaches offer a wide range of fun water activities in Galle for a memorable vacation.

Adventurous sports in Galle can be best enjoyed between October and April when the city experiences lesser rainfall. We offer a descriptive list of some of the most exciting sports that you can indulge in on your next trip to Galle!

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Galle is one of the best ways to witness miraculous marine life. Get up-close with the diverse and vibrant underwater creatures and indulge in a unique yet relaxing experience. Unawatuna Beach is one of the ideal spots in Galle for a scuba diving adventure. The pristine turquoise water around Unawatuna Beach is home to a wide variety of colourful marine animals such as Golden Moray Eels, Napoleon Wrasse, Bat Fish and many more!

diver beside a school of fish
a surfer in Galle


The rich biodiversity and great waves are what make Galle the perfect place to surf. The city houses several beautiful surfing spots, the best ones being Hikkaduwa Beach, Bentota Beach and Unawatuna Beach.

Hikkaduwa Beach is widely known as the best hub for surfing in Galle. The beautiful beach coupled with the consistent tidal waves makes surfing an exhilarating experience. Unawatuna Beach offers a wide variety of adventurous activities and sports, with surfing being one of the main attractions. Bentota Beach is a preferred destination among visitors who are looking for both adventurous and leisure activities.


Galle offers several beaches that undertake snorkelling and other water spot activities. Hikkaduwa Beach is home to magnificent coral reefs and a wide variety of tropical fishes, making snorkelling an exciting experience. This beach is ideal for both professionals and amateurs. Mirissa Beach is another snorkelling paradise in Galle. It is renowned for the stunning views of whales from its shores. Over the years, Mirissa Beach has turned into an excellent diving spot. It offers about five diving spots for both beginners and professionals.

divers in Galle
jet skiing in Galle

Jet Skiing

Galle is the ultimate place for adventure enthusiasts, especially water sports enthusiasts! The renowned beaches like Bentota Beach and Unawatuna Beach offer a multitude of opportunities for water sports, and jet skiing is one of them! A high-speed adventure activity, jet skiing lets adventurers cut through the turquoise waters and the strong tides while embracing the surrounding coastal lines. The best time to partake in jet skiing in the southwest coast is during the months of October and April.

Banana Boat Ride

Another extremely intriguing water sports activity in Galle is the famous banana boat ride! The activity is carried out on a banana-shaped inflatable boat that cuts through the waters, giving a punch to the adrenaline! These boats can accommodate about six people at once, and can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Bentota Beach is the ideal location to visit for a thrilling banana boat ride.

A group enjoying banana boat rides in Galle

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