Best Time to Visit Galle, Sri Lanka

nine arch bridge in Sri Lanka

Any time is a good time to go on vacation. However, to truly experience the essence of a particular place to the fullest, you have to visit at a certain time of the year. This may be because of a particular season or a popular festival. In some places, the summer heat, the frigid winters or the downpour during monsoons may be a little too overpowering for those visiting from parts of the world that have never experienced such extreme weather. For those of you who are unsure about what the best time to travel to Sri Lanka is, we're here to help you out.

Sri Lanka is a little tropical island nation in the Indian Ocean with a rich history. It was an important stop for merchants traveling along the Silk Road, owing to its abundance of tea, coffee, ivory, rubber and cinnamon, which fetched high prices in Europe. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to settle here, followed by the Dutch and the British. The Portuguese initially built Galle's most famous monument - Galle Fort, while the Dutch oversaw extensive fortification, and made it what it is today, the largest remaining fort in Asia built by European settlers.

Galle is located on the south-western tip of the island, and has a number of beaches. If you're a fan of spending all day on beaches, the best time to visit South Sri Lanka is during the dry months, between December and April. The weather is pleasant with plenty of sunshine, making it the perfect time to work on your tan. Or you can just walk around the city and take in all the history and sights that this picturesque city has to offer.

If however, you like the sound of torrential rains, the best time to visit Galle is between May and November. Owing to its rich legacy, Galle is home to a lot of museums and heritage sites, where you can find respite from the deluge, while also learning about the illustrious past of this country. You could also just curl up in bed for a relaxing getaway, with a cup of tea that has made this country famous all around the world.

beach in Sri Lanka
Galle Lighthouse
Galle fort

You may face some confusion about the best time to visit Galle, Sri Lanka. But you can be certain that the best place to stay in this splendid city is Owl and the Pussycat Hotel. Go on, take that island getaway that you've been planning for a while and get treated like royalty during your stay.