Fall in Love with the Simplicity of Mihiripenna Beach

Are you looking for solitude on busy beaches filled with tons of water sports and a horde of tourists? Mihiripenna beach is the perfect spot for you. This secluded beach gives you the best experience in terms of nature with solid rock formations, a lagoon perfect for swimming and palm trees providing shade.

Located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Mihiripenna is situated in the town of Unawatuna. The beach is just a 10-minute ride from Unawatuna.


Things to Do in Mihiripenna Beach

turtle swimming

Swim with Giant Sea Turtles

The Mihiripenna beach has a perfect natural pool where you might get a chance to spot giant turtles. While swimming in this mesmerising lagoon, you can see other exotic fishes. Swimming with marine life can give you an experience that lasts a lifetime!

World's Only Stilt Fishermen

The stilt fishermen are the last of their kind. They use one of the most ancient and unique ways of fishing. Very few fishermen are carrying this tradition forward today, which started during world war 2. How do they fish? The fishermen swim to the stilts rooted in the ocean, perch on top and catch the fish with handmade fishing rods. This method helps the fishermen get a birds-eye view of the school of fish and aim accurately.

traditional fishing
gourmet seafood

Coastal Food by The Sea

Sri Lankan food is one of the most delectable dishes in the world. The local chefs specialise in cuisines made from fresh fish from the ocean. The restaurants also offer a wide range of Mediterranean, Chinese, European, and authentic Indian flavours to cater to a global audience.

Rope Swing on A Palm Tree

The rope swing on a palm tree at the Mihirpenna beach is a major tourist attraction. The swing makes you unwind in the pleasant breeze with lush green, crystal turquoise water and pure fine golden sand providing an Instagram-worthy picture.

woman swinging on the beach
sun setting on the beach

A Perfect Sunset

Thanks to the beach's glorious location in the south of Sri Lanka, the area gets some of the best sunsets in the world. The changing sky hues with the sub dipping down bring about an image that might make you feel was created by Bob Ross. The sunset of Mihiripenna beach can ameliorate your city mood for sure.

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