kandy kesala festival

Kandy Esala Perahera: Sri Lanka's grand festival honoring the Sacred Tooth Relic. A mesmerizing procession of dancers, elephants, and traditions. Don't miss it!

a white exterior facade of a temple

Having a tropical temperature year-round, Sri Lanka witnesses two monsoons - between May and July, and between October and January. Explore now!

boat at sea

If you're looking for an adventure-filled journey that combines luxury, relaxation, and exotic destinations, then a cruise ride from Chennai to Sri Lanka is your perfect escape.

sri lankan meal with a bowl of rice and vegetables

From fiery curries to exotic street snacks, Sri Lankan food is a sensory delight that offers an explosion of flavours and textures. Join us on this culinary journey as we explore some of the famous and local dishes of Sri Lankan cuisine.

Various kind of food on table for the occasion of Srilankan New Year

The Srilankan New Year, which marks the conclusion of the previous year and the beginning of the new one. The shift from March to April is marked with the celebration of the Sri Lankan New Year on April 13 and 14. The Sri Lankan New Year is a must-attend celebration due to its rich cultural heritage, delectable cuisine, and customary ceremonies.

a panoramic view of Pidurangala Rock covered in lush greenery from all sides

Sri Lanka has a number of popular destinations that demands a visit from families. From Galle to Colombo, pack your bags & set on an adventure!

a moving train on a bridge captured during daytime amidst green trees and clear blue sky

A beautiful little island nation, Sri Lanka, is located in the Indian Ocean. This alluring country offers spectacular beaches, striking wildlife, delectable cuisine and a lot more for an exciting vacation.

Owl and the Pussycat Hotel in Galle - Dondra lighthouse overlooks the sea

From a unique way of fishing with stilts to a Peace Pagoda established by Japanese Buddhist monks, Sri Lanka is full of interesting traditions and cultures. Here are five unexplored places in Sri Lanka for an exciting trip.

tea plantation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to people who belong to various cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds. Read on to learn about some major Sri Lankan festivals that unite citizens across the world.

A statue of Buddha with rocks and greenery behind

Some of Sri Lanka’s prettiest sights can be found in Galle - a beautiful port town that boasts of beaches, cllonial mansions, churches and more. It is also home to iconic sights such as Japanese Peace Pagoda and Yatagala Temple Galle which highlight the influence of Buddhism in Galle.

diver beside a school of fish

The city of Galle is known for its immaculate beaches that are dotted with palm trees and glistening white sand. These beaches offer a wide range of fun water activities in Galle, for a memorable vacation.

beach in Sri Lanka

Once a sleepy little town, Galle today is a mainstream beach destination brimming with watersport centres, boutique hotels, restaurants, and Ayurveda spas. If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka,  here is your guide to finding the best beaches and making the most of your holiday! 

Sri Lanka beach

Sri Lanka's tropical climate has different seasons that attract different visitors and ensures its status as a year-round tourist destination. Read on to find out what the best time to travel to Sri Lanka is.

woman taking a selfie on a beach

What could be a better way to spend the holiday season than to soak up some rays, bury your toes in the sand, and sip on a cool king coconut? Celebrate this holiday season at OTP for a happy, bright and beachy Christmas. 

person sitting on a roof

Owl and the Pussycat Hotel isn’t just a hotel. It’s an entire experience that evokes a sense of exuberance, creativity, inspiration and above all, a zest for life, inspired by Edward Lear’s poetry. That’s why we call it the world’s most runcible hotel.

A tuk-tuk in Galle

Colourful local markets, food traditions and exquisite cuisine. Iconic stilt fishermen perch atop their poles, silhouetted in the sunset.

wine and dine experiences at OTP hotel, Galle

The chefs from OTP’s restaurant, Botanik, flew up to Mumbai and threw together a fabulous culinary pop up weekend at Mumbai.

dining at  our beach hotel in Galle, Srilanka

When they coined the phrase “a romantic isle” they must have had the south coast of Sri Lanka in mind. Where the sea breeze whispers gently in your ear, and the sun’s warmth kisses your skin, this is a place where an endless romance begins…

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Sri Lanka has a long history of holistic health and well-being. Yoga, Ayurveda and Hela Wedakama are intrinsic to Sri Lankan alternative medicine and healing culture. At Owl and the Pussycat Hotel, your wellbeing is our priority. That’s why we take wellness so seriously, and integrate it into a variety of aspects of your stay.

2020 creative OTP hotel

There are so many reasons to visit OTP and the south coast of Sri Lanka that if we started to list all of them, we would never finish! So we thought of sharing our favourite twenty for 2022 with you!

whale breaching

In the months of December, January, February and March, Sri Lanka offers all travellers a pleasant, tropical weather with balmy breezes and temps around 26-30 degrees. While it is very much a year-round destination with similar climate the magnificent blue whales come to this beautiful part of the southernwaters only this time of the year.

sunset in Galle

Galle, the fortified city built by the Portuguese, is one of the most charming little European style towns in Sri Lanka known for its many little food stalls outside the ramparts. There are multiple food shops around Galle that attract foodies in search of exotic spices, teas, vegetables, meats and fish.

woman taking a selfie on a beach

Koggala Lake or Koggala Lagoon is one of the most pristine and tranquil spots in Sri Lanka. It is home to small islands that have been alluring tourists for ages. There are multiple things to do at Koggala Lake. It is a sight to behold and guarantees to leave visitors speechless and in awe, a visit definitely worth your while!

galle lighthose

The crowning jewel of Sri Lanka, Galle is a port and a city of historic significance, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A delightful city built by the Dutch beginning in 1663, Galle is reminiscent of the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British rule, and the influence that colonization had on its architecture.

couple dancing at their wedding

Weddings, by theory, should be romantic and dreamy - it should be a day that is the most memorable for the bride and groom! Though ‘a perfect wedding’ is subjective, and to please all the wedding guests is a tough job, a beach wedding in Srilanka is always the best bet!

galle fort

Galle Fort, Sri Lanka is an incredible example of ancient construction and antiquity, combined with breathtaking natural beauty! Experience the beauty and magnificence of Dutch Colonialism.

blue waters by the beach

Are the city traffic and a hectic schedule making you angry and exhausted? Head to Mihiripenna Beach for the perfect dose of Vitamin Sea!