Shopping For Food In The Galle Area

Galle, the fortified city built by the Portuguese, is one of the most charming little European style towns in Sri Lanka known for its many little food stalls outside the ramparts. There are multiple food shops around Galle that attract foodies in search of exotic spices, teas, vegetables, meats and fish.

Go shopping for food in Galle and take back something to delight the adventurous foodie!

sunset in Galle

Chilli shopping

If you fancy your food to be hot and spicy, then you are in the right place! Chilli shops in Galle abound and are known for selling some of the most ingenious spices and other types of chillies. There are multiple chilli and fruit shops located inside Galle Fort as well as outside. These can enhance your curries when cooking with cinnamon, curry spices and other condiments. add these aromatic blends to your dishes!

Fruits and other foods available in Galle

Galle is also well-known for its pretty covered "green markets" well known for selling the most succulent and freshest fruits. When travelling to this paradise island, tourists can never resist the lure of the delicious, native Sri Lankan produce. The abundance of fruits also makes it easier to find the best fruits, salads and smoothie ingredients from the local purveyors of fruits and vegetables in and around Galle. The exquisite, Old Dutch Hospital has one of the finest tea shops in all of Sri Lanka, where you may try over 250 varieties of tea. In Galle, you will also find the most fabulous cashews in the world!

Multiple food colonies in Galle have been influenced by the Dutch Colonial Era, which now serve as excellent food shopping zones in Galle.

Popular Sri Lankan fruits

If you are visiting the markets in Galle, make sure to taste some of the most popular local fruits. Mangosteen, a white fleshy segmented fruit hidden inside a hard brown shell has a sweet and sour flavour that tastes absolutely delicious. You must also try rambutans, wood apple and soursop, durian and jackfruit. Many of these are primitive fruits with countless benefits for health. Bananas come in many colours, shapes and sizes. The raw green banana is super nutritious and great simmered in a broth for an upset tummy. The papayas are fabulous; try also the miniscule oranges which one can eat whole in a single bit. Fresh tamarind is a wonderful after dinner treat, and the fresh coconut makes for a great nutritious snack anytime.

Sri Lanka with its great culinary traditions is renowned for cultivating the sweetest and softest custard apples, cashew apples, and jackfruits. The ripe jackfruits have a sweet, bubble-gum flavour that makes them one of the tastiest fruit snacks. The young jackfruit is used to make the all-time favourite Sri Lankan Polos Curry.

Don’t forget to try the young banana blossoms in your salad.

Food for thought…


Galle is the perfect place for food lovers. It hosts some of the most amazing cafes, restaurants and food shops. Botanik Restaurant & Bar in Galle is one of the most exquisite and luxurious restaurants on the south coast. It is an elegant restaurant for the discerning diner and is located at the Owl and the Pussycat hotel in Thalpe that serves not only the best seafood preparations, but also caters to vegan, keto, and Jain dishes!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your shopping bag and head over to these outstanding food shops in Galle!