Things To Do When You Visit the OTP Hotel

Koggala Lake or Koggala Lagoon is one of the most pristine and tranquil spots in Sri Lanka. It is home to small islands that have been alluring tourists for ages. There are multiple things to do at Koggala Lake. It is a sight to behold and guarantees to leave visitors speechless and in awe, one of the many Galle travel places definitely worth your visit!

boats docked on a beach


A Trip to Cinnamon Island

Koggala Lake houses multiple islands and one of them is the ever-popular Cinnamon Island. As the name suggests, the island is characteristic of the finest produce of cinnamon. Sri Lanka is known for its cinnamon and this island is held guilty for it! Enjoy boat rides on Lake Koggala and cruise across the crystal clear waters to the breathtaking Cinnamon Island in Koggala. The boat ride provides glimpses of various bird species and some water monitor lizards. Once you reach the island, you can also witness the art of processing cinnamon!

Bird Watching at Koggala Lake

Being one of the most serene coastal areas in Galle District, Koggala Lake provides tourists with a peaceful platform for bird watching. It is the ultimate paradise for nature lovers, perfectly surrounding lush mangrove swamps and myriad species of exquisite flora and fauna. The environment is ideal for bird watching. A lot of the winged species have migrated to Koggala Island, making it the ideal venue to carry your binoculars to!

Sea Turtle Hatchery at Koggala Lake

One of the most interesting and exciting activities in Koggala Lake is a visit to the Turtle Hatchery. As the name suggests, it is a turtle farm that is pivotal to the breeding of endangered sea turtles. It protects the new hatchlings from predatory birds and snakes. It is also a care home created to support the crippled population of the species and provide a protective habitat for the turtles to survive. It is one of the best places to visit in Galle.

The turtle-shaped entrance welcomes guests into the beautiful farm where you can find giant turtles swimming in a mini pond. Visitors are also given the opportunity to touch the adorable creatures and take pictures. The best part about this non-profit organization is that the visitors’ entrance fee is used for feeding and taking care of the turtles! Guests are welcome to purchase a baby turtle for a small amount of money and release it into the ocean.


A Visit to the Tea Estate

Sri Lanka is definitely known for its indigenous production of cinnamon. But it is also popular for its tea! Handunugoda tea estate provides informative tours for tea lovers especially anyone with an inclination towards exploring the journey of tea. There is also an on-site shop that allows you to shop for 25 different varieties of tea. So, carry a taste of Sri Lankan as a souvenir back home!

The Heritage Museum of Martin Wickramasinghe

If you want to take a break from the blue waves and take a dive into the life of one of the most popular figures in Sri Lanka, then head out to Koggala Martin Wickramasinghe Museum Complex. Named after the prominent Sri Lankan writer and poet, the museum is heavily inspired by Wickramasinghe's life and contributions. The museum was initially the ancestral home of the laureate, which now displays an array of his contributions, awards, artefacts, and pictures. It is a heritage site located amidst a breathtaking view. So, the museum is definitely deserving of a visit from you!

Koggala Lake is a beautiful coastal area that deserves a trip and should be on your bucket list on your visit to the Island Country. The different activities and sights to see in Koggala are mind-blowing. It is one of the most picturesque places to visit, making it also a great wedding destination! So, if you are planning to get married or visit the astounding Galle District, then make sure to stay at the prestigious Owl and the Pussycat Hotel. It is one of the most amicable hotels in Galle that promises a peaceful, therapeutic, and relaxing stay for travellers.