Relax At Owl and the Pussycat Hotel

Relax, just go with the flow.

Drawing Room

For hotel guests only, there is a beautifully appointed drawing room with beautiful art and artefacts made especially by international artists and artisans. There is an eclectic book collection on various interesting subjects. This hotel is a place to relax, read in the heat of afternoon or play board games while sipping a nice cup of Ceylon tea.

Quiet, your mind and your soul will speak.


Our unique open-air therapy hut offers no-frills seaside massages. Our guests can relax with a fabulous hot oil massage while listening to the sound of the waves. Or get a deep tissue massage to relieve tension. Our therapist can also give guests the prettiest hands and feet in Sri Lanka while they sip one of our detox infusions.

I woke up like this!


A yoga platform with an idyllic location over the edge of the sea, allows for morning and evening yoga practice with our instructors upon request. All spa treatments and yoga classes must be booked in advance.

Sweat, smile and repeat.


GYM at Owl and the Pussycat Hotel Restaurant in Galle, best hotel in Thalpe

A small fitness room is located on the top floor of the blue building with views to the Indian Ocean. The gym features an exercise bike and treadmill, a small multi-gym, weights 2kg-15kg, kettle bells, a bench and exercise balls. Water and fresh fruit is available. There is a large terrace for outdoor stretching, floor exercise and yoga. A personal trainer can be made available upon request.

Never walk away from an instant connection.

T V Room

TV Room at Owl and the Pussycat hotel and restaurant in galle, best hotel in Thalpe

This hotel also has a separate TV room, with 52-inch flat TV featuring local and international TV channels. It is also a quiet place for guests to read or work if needed. This place is set up for travellers to be able to connect their tablets or laptops to the TV and watch their own movies as well.

Swim your worries away.

Ocean Edge Swimming pool

Guests at our hotel can have the laziest day at our lightly sea-salted, 18mt. ocean-edge turquoise swimming pool, with our team on hand to provide fresh amenities like water, drinks and fresh fruit. The lovely pool deck has sun beds overlooking the ocean.

Because it’s shop o’clock somewhere


A kiosk where to find unique, colourful pieces from local artisans. Supporting small Sri Lankan enterprises and young artists. Our guests will find chic beach dresses, stylish, hand-made accessories, our designer dressing gowns featuring owls and pussycats, and the “owl and pussycat dolls”, proceeds of which are given to the Rotary Club to help build toilets and libraries for children.