Galle Fort - A Masterpiece of Dutch Colonialism

Explore the dreamy destination that is Galle Fort (Sinhala: Galu Kotuwa). Galle Fort, Sri Lanka is an incredible example of ancient construction and antiquity, combined with breathtaking natural beauty. The fort is one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka. Besides the history of this destination, visitors have white sands, rock pools and tidal islands to explore. Located on the Bay of Galle, on the south-west coast of Sri Lanka, Galle Fort was first constructed by the Portuguese in 1588. It was later heavily reinforced by the Dutch in 1649. It is truly a historical, archaeological and architectural landmark that has undergone substantial reconstruction by Sri Lanka's Archaeological Department, which has kept it pristine for more than 432 years.

Numerous bustling businesses, lifestyle shops, exhibition halls, cafes, and villas can be found here, which enhances its appeal. It is a wonderful experience to stroll by the walls and admire the superb craftsmanship and artwork. The fort houses a mixed population of ethnic and religious backgrounds, stemming all the way back to the Dutch and Portuguese, as well as local Sri Lankans.

The National Maritime Museum
Galle Dutch Fort is home to one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the country. The museum exhibits stunning recreations of a bygone era. In the exhibition halls, one can find a wide range of displays, including model boats, ships, cannons, anchors and bronze from that era. Tourists can visit the museum between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm for a minimum charge of 650 SLR.

Galle Lighthouse
If you're a beach person and searching for some breathtaking natural beauty along Sri Lanka's southern coast, Galle Lighthouse is the place for you. It is one of Galle's most picturesque sites because of its serene atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

Meera Mosque
Meera Mosque is another site that displays stunning historical architectural marvels from Islamic Domes to European Catholic Cathedrals. Anyone can enter the mosque without paying a fee, except when patrons are praying, and roam around to admire its intricate designs

lighthouse near the ocean
interior of a church

National Museum
National Museum is renowned for its incredible collection of lace, luxury goods, religious artefacts and unique traditional masks. This museum has a direct connection to the trades of the past, in which the Galle Fort played an essential part. This historical museum in Galle is a must-visit destination that charges an entrance fee of 300 SLR. It is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Dutch Reformed Church
Dutch Reformed Church is mostly the remains of a church that was originally constructed here in 1650, which was then refurbished by the Dutch in 1752. The presence of European tombs on the Church's grounds is well documented. The church is open during the afternoons and there is no entry charge.

Historic Mansion
The ancient mansion is one of the most fascinating sights in Galle Fort. The house serves as a museum and a gift store. Tourists enjoy visiting this location and buying trinkets that keep the memories of Galle Fort alive. This mansion is open every day and doesn't charge for entry

sun setting on the beach
streets of Galle
beach and lighthouse in Galle

One of the most peaceful and breathtaking sites at Galle Fort is the aurora of the first light awning. The majestic dawn over the perfect ocean blue of the Indian Ocean will leave you speechless, while the calm morning breeze will lift your spirits. All this extravagance is just 20 minutes away from our luxurious property - Owl and the Pussycat Hotel in Galle. It is the ideal location to stroll around this small town, and explore Galle Fort. Furthermore, it is well connected to places like Pedler Street and Fort Wall. We can arrange a tuk-tuk for our guests to take you on a day trip further along the coast and around the town where you can indulge in the scenic beauty.