Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Sri Lankan Safari: Natural Habitats

Bundala and Yala are two of Sri Lanka’s best-known wildlife parks. Felines, particularly leopards, and elephants are some of the larger inhabitants of the parks. Several species of primates, reptiles and avians are a part of the incredible biodiversity of south Sri Lanka.

Picture of a Leopard 1
Picture of a bird 1

Avians on the south coast

The birding in Sri Lanka is just incredible. Several species are endemic to the island and can only be found here. Bundala is known as one of the best bird reserves in the region. Several waders and migratory species, including flocks of flamingoes, come here to roost in the winter months.

Pachyderm Pathways

The forests of the south coast form an elephant corridor for
Sri Lanka’s Asiatic Elephants. These beautiful creatures roam wild and one of the most rewarding sights is to see a herd with calves as they play in the water bodies of these jungles.

Mother and baby Elephant