For Architectural Aficionados

The Old Dutch Trade Building, Matara

Also known as The Old Nupe Market, the open-sided building was constructed in the late eighteenth century probably by the British, but possibly the Dutch.

Architecture and history buffs will be fascinated by the three conical towers, the grand entrance and the steeply pitched roof.

Old dutch trade building
Peace Pagoda

Peace Pagoda: Rumsala, Unawatuna

Built by Buddhist Monks in 2005 this impressive pagoda is one of five Buddhist stupas in Sri Lanka. The bell-like structure with gold statues has a circular deck to enjoy the sweeping 360-degree views of the bay and the Indian Ocean.

The hill itself has a lot of historical significance as it is said to be part of the Himalayan mountain range.

Tranquillity: Tissa Wewa

Tissa Wewa is an artificial lake built in the third century BC to increase the water supply to Anuradhapura and is the third oldest reservoir in the country. It continues to feed water to Anuradhapura till today and is a tranquil water body, in an idyllic natural setting.

The Buddhist Dagoba is believed to have been originally built around 200 BC. Worshipped by pilgrims and patrons across the region, it has been restored several times over the years.

Tissa wewa
Mulkirigala Rock Temple

Spirituality in Stone: Mulkirigala Rock Temple

Mulkirigala Rock Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple said to be initially constructed by King Saddhatissa in the third century and received royal patronage by many successive kings over the centuries.

It is built on a 205 metres high natural rock nestled away in a forest. A large collection of paintings and sculptures from the Kandyan Era depicting the life of Gautama Buddha can be seen in the caves.

Geoffrey Bawa – Lunuganga: An Architectural Legacy

Geoffrey Bawa has redefined the face of Sri Lanka. One of the most influential architects that the country has ever produced, he specialised in Tropical Modernism, a unique style of architecture that is distinct in its clean lines and open spaces.

Today, several of his original buildings have been converted into hotels in Galle and his private estate, Lunuganga is well worth a visit. Tranquil and peaceful, Lunaganga is stunningly landscaped, the interiors and the outdoors seamlessly blending into one another. Situated on the banks of Lake Dedduwa, you can take a serene boat ride to admire the estate from the water.

Meander through the Plain of Jars, wander up Cinnamon Hill, take a stroll down the Broad Walk. Immerse yourself in this soulful melange of nature and architecture.

Pictures of various architectural masterpieces