A Captivating Coast

Hummanaya Blow Hole, Dikwella

A spectacular blowhole to witness when the seas are high especially during the monsoon season. The water is forced 23m up through a natural opening in the rocks and then 18m into the air. This is the only known blowhole in Sri Lanka and considered the second largest in the world. The “Hoo” in the name refers to the noise that can be heard from a distance when the blowhole is active.

Hummanaya Blow Hole
Turtle and whale watching

Turtle Hatcheries & Whale Watching

Whale watching in Sri Lanka is seasonal from November to April/ May. Mirissa, a small coastal town, is a popular jumping-off spot for surfing and whale watching. The water in the area is plankton rich and sighting of whales and dolphins are common.

Visit a sea turtle hatchery and learn more about the conservation efforts to save these endangered species. Educate yourself about the different species and end your visit by releasing a baby turtle back into the wild.

Best Kept Secret: During the season, you often see dolphins and whales swimming in the waters just beyond the sea walls at OTP!

Stilt Fishermen

The dying art of stilt fishing is one of the most interesting traditional methods of fishing in Sri Lanka which came into being after World War II when food was scarce.

This method was widely used until the 2004 tsunami, but now there are only a few areas along the south coast where this technique is still in practice. Patience and endurance is the name of the game as each fisherman perches precariously atop his pole.

Best kept secret: You often see stilt fishermen perched on their poles in the waters just beyond the deck at OTP!

People Stilt Fishing
Water surfing and cycling on road

Active Adventure: Bicycling & Surfing

Surf the clear, azure waves at one of the best surf destinations in the Indian Ocean. The best season to surf on the west coast is from November to May.

Bicycle along the coast and take in all the quaint towns, beaches, views and excellent cuisine.

In many regions, the bicycle is the most common form of transport so it’s a great way to gain access to the local culture and people.

Sun. Sand. Surf.

Polhena Beach, Matara – Good snorkelling in the bay. Turtle sightings are frequent.

Jungle Beach – Small beach, just off Unawatuna, with calm, clear waters. Fantastic for relaxation.

Unawatuna Beach –One of Sri Lanka's best-known beaches. The beachside shacks serve up some of the freshest seafood.

Hireketiya Beach – The perfect place to ride the waves or take surfing lessons.

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