Hidden Heritage

The Grandeur of Galle

Galle Fort, an 18th-century Dutch walled town lying alongside modern Galle, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On its narrow streets are crumbling, ochre-washed buildings that were once administrative headquarters and homes for the Dutch admiralty.

There are also tumbledown colonial houses with eaves and pillared frontages. The fort is enfolded by impossibly thick granite ramparts which kept the tsunami waves at bay.

Galle's architectural charm is not dissimilar to Cochin’s. It also has a lively shopping scene, restaurants and is the venue for the Fairway Galle Literature Festival, an annual event that is held each January.

Grandeur of Galle with an auto picture
Hidden heritage - star fort

Star Fort, Matara

Star Fort in Matara is named for its star-like edifice. It was constructed by the Dutch in 1765 and was the last major defence post of the Dutch occupation in Sri Lanka.

It currently houses a museum which showcases the local history of Matara.

Art on the south coast

Sri Lanka is bursting at the seams with artistic talent.

Best Kept Secret - OTP has a fabulous collection of original artwork by local Sri Lankan artists.

Take a guided walking tour of our private art collection followed by a visit to some of the art galleries in the area.

curated art on south coast