Kanneliya Rainforest

Highlights & Features

  • Travel to the more hidden Kanneliya rainforest not far from Galle
  • Scout out the collection of wildlife hidden in the dense canopy above
  • Your reward at the end of the walk is local lunch in the shallows of a lake
Includes: Fees, lunch, tracker & guide.
Times: 8 am Galle, 5 hrs including 1.5 hr drive
Children: Great for children who love nature
Wear/bring: Light clothing, closed shoes & flip flops

The Full Experience

Discover the Kanneliya forest reserve, a less frequented but nonetheless impressive rainforest to explore with your wildlife tracker host.

Kanneliya is just 35km from Galle, so in just 90 minutes you can be out of the fort and into the forest. Your exciting morning walk takes you under thick tropical tree canopies housing monkeys, snakes and chameleons. Multitudes of birds will flutter from branch to branch above, whilst plants and flowers blanket the jungle floor. Stop to savour the sounds of your surrounds and refreshments at a local waterfall! The forest itself envelops nearly 80 villages, one of which is your host’s home and where his talented wife will prepare your lunch to be had in the shallows of a lake. A unique dining experience and an idyllic end to your journey.

Hosted by Tracker

The wildlife tracker who will guide you in Kanneliya is from one of these forest reserve villages and has spent his entire lifetime living within the reserve!

Contact Us: +947 7724 0077 (Phone & WhatsApp)
(8 am to 8 pm local time)

Email: bookings@otphotel.com