Corporate & Social Events at our Hotel in Galle

Located very close to Galle Fort, The Owl and The Pussycat Hotel is an exclusive space for all your business needs. It offers the perfect social event venue in Galle. Our hotel proffers a smart and unique corporate presentation space decked with high-speed internet and audio-visual equipment at its Edward Lear Drawing Room. Our team’s attention to detail, dedication and exemplary event services ensure that your next corporate conference is a hassle-free and outstanding one. Our conference venues in Sri Lank come well-equipped with modern amenities for a hassle-free event.

Even if you are planning to be in Colombo for your corporate event, you can indulge in an offsite business meeting with your colleagues while mixing it with occasional leisure at The Owl and The Pussycat Hotel. It is separated by a 2-hour car journey from Colombo. With 17 luxury suites and bespoke event spaces, we offer the best location for a mid-size corporate event in Galle.

As for catering, we have an outstanding team of culinary experts who can delight your taste buds with world-class flavours and can provide you with customized food and drinks menus to fit the needs of different corporate events.